We try and make the process as simple as possible, guiding you though each stage.

  • First, choose a style of USB (unless we are making a custom shape)
  • Then decide on quantity and capacity, if you need help on capacity see our table below that shows how much data you can store per GB.
  • Send us an email or fill out the quote request form (you can also select specific products to add to the quote).
  • Send us your logo and we will send you a proof of how your stick will look.
  • Make any amendments required
  • Place the order

It’s that simple!

Don’t forget, if you are unsure about anything, we are here to help. We believe that a real human guiding you will result in a happier customer than an impersonal online ordering system.

How many files can I store?
Memory CapcityPDF Document (5MB)Photo (10MB)HD Video (20MB/min)