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Are Custom Shape USB Worth The Cost?

Are Custom Shape USB Really Worth It?

The debate: Custom Shape USB -Is it really worth spending more for a unique shape for your USB?




I suppose there are times when a brand may not want to push the boat out, though in money terms we are not talking embarking on an ocean voyage, more a boating lake.

It depends on the purpose of this USB project, but in simple terms if you are going to put a logo on something, you obviously want it to be noticed! But surely you want it to be remembered to?

Ask yourself this question: which would I prefer to keep? A 4GB stick or an 8GB stick, well an 8GB of course. But here’s another question; which would I prefer, a standard USB with a logo or a miniature representation of a product, a unique product, a limited edition USB that not only represents the brand in far more detail , but also looks cool?

But there is another factor to be considered, about a year ago a 4GB memory was around £1.00-£1.50 a unit more than a 2GB on around 250-500 units, now its around 25p. A custom moulded USB on say 500 units was around £1.00 more (based on a 3D, less on 2D), now its still about the same.

When a USB that you received a year ago is superseded by a higher memory capacity USB, based on a similar model, you will upgrade, we all upgrade. Unless of course there is more to it! A friend of mine took receipt of a USB shaped like a Nike trainer, it was a 1GB USB, 2 years later, he still has that USB as his preferred USB.

I won’t labour the point! Its cool, it will always be cool, it will always be unique and will always be a Mini Nike Trainer!

Custom moulded USBs offer more impact, more longevity, more collectability! They are cool, more desirable, more memorable and actually last longer (print comes off a plastic or metal USB eventually, that’s if you don’t lose, replace or forget about it first).

Of course, they do take a little more time to produce but the payback on the investment will make it all worthwhile