Coke Can USB Flash Drive

Drinks Can USB

The USB drink can is one of the most robust, attractive and well designed types of promotional USB available today. Made of metal they are truly a miniature representation of the ubiquitous drinks cans that are standard worldwide for soft drinks and beers. In addition they have a unique magnetic lid that has just enough power to securely fix it to the base and gives it a bit of tactile pleasure to boot. Once you pick it up and start playing with it, you won’t be able to put it down (nor will your clients!)

They are the obvious choice of USB for any promotional USB project for a drinks company or any promotion with a fluid theme.
But is this it? On the face of it this may be true, after all they are so obviously a drinks can that you couldn’t really pass them off as anything else?

Think again…
As a high quality promotional gift with intrinsic design qualities, it cries out for other uses beyond the drink can motif, so much so that a non drinks based theme would be thought of as uniquely clever with a well thought out campaign to carry it off.

For example, a campaign built around the phrase “We Can!” would allow for plenty of “puntastic” branding opportunity. Or canned creative juices? The can itself has connotations beyond a drink delivery medium, with tinned fruit and vegetables often having the perception of convenience, portability and longevity. This could easily lend itself to being aligned to an aspect of your brands service ethic.
Or consider the often heard mantra “Does what it says on the tin?” A phrase that could sum up a wide range of focussed businesses.
The design could even lend itself to depicting a battery, opening up a whole range of other uses. The possibilities are many, and combined with the build quality of this promo USB a successful promotion is just waiting to be let out of the (USB) can.

This drinks can USB style of promotional flash memory has to be a real thirst quencher in the sea of generic USB styles available!