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Magnetic USB – Is your Data Safe?

Magnetic USB – Is your Data Safe? Concern has been raised over the past few months over the effects of having magnetised lids on a USB and whether, as is the case with floppy disk and hard drive media formats, this will cause problems with the data that one uploads. The Drinks Can USB is a particularly […]

Are Custom Shape USB Worth The Cost?

Are Custom Shape USB Really Worth It? The debate: Custom Shape USB -Is it really worth spending more for a unique shape for your USB?     I suppose there are times when a brand may not want to push the boat out, though in money terms we are not talking embarking on an ocean voyage, more […]

Coke Can USB Flash Drive

Drinks Can USB The USB drink can is one of the most robust, attractive and well designed types of promotional USB available today. Made of metal they are truly a miniature representation of the ubiquitous drinks cans that are standard worldwide for soft drinks and beers. In addition they have a unique magnetic lid that has […]